Friday, December 15, 2006

All's Wells with contract offer

Done deal? Not yet, but it appears the Toronto Blue Jays will indeed come to terms with outfielder Vernon Wells on a seven year deal worth $126 million. Wells has confirmed the sides are close in negotiations.

Also of interest is that Wells told The Associated Press he was at a time tempted to head home to Texas, where the ballpark is 20 minutes from his home.

The sixth richest deal in baseball history, and quite possibly the biggest in Canadian sports history, could be made official any minute now.

This goes against our suggestion yesterday that, despite our bias, V-dub should decline and opt to play the field next winter. Ultimately, and this is quickly evident in the AP story, Wells wanted the security and comfort of his new home... and right now.

Word is there will be an opt out clause involved. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of th 4th or 5th year. Surely he will opt out at thi point if people are still being paid what they are.
Not necessarily. The deal is stacked at the rear end. He won't opt out when the deal is at its richest.
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