Friday, December 22, 2006

Good call, Rod

Toronto Blue Jays fans might remotely remember Rod Barajas. He was the team's new catcher, but then he wasn't. Just like that.

Barajas, a free agent who spent the last three seasons with the Texas Rangers, was all set to board a flight and head to Toronto to finalize a two-year, $6 million contract. It seemed like a bargain for Toronto. Three million a year to fill the starting catcher spot with a more than adequate offensive and defensive catcher.

Well, someone must have told Barajas he was in fact taking a pay cut, as he abruptly fired his agent, cancelled his flight, and backed out of the deal.

For a few weeks we didn't hear from Barajas, figuring he was selling himself to other clubs to get a more satisfactory deal. Until he signed Wednesday with the Philadelphia Phillies for... one year, and $2.5 million?

No word on when he plans to fire this agent. But I think the Jays are saying good riddance. Anyone who turns down $6 million in favour of $2.5 million can't be the best of decision makers.

Not that he knew or anything. But the deals don't exactly sweeten as the winter goes on.

Maybe Barajas should have taken a page from Barry Bonds' book and just showed up at the winter meetings to peddle his services...

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