Thursday, December 28, 2006 back!

The Four-Seamer took some time off to attend the Titans-Bills Christmas Eve game, check out some Toronto Raptors basketball, win (and lose) a few fantasy football championships and enjoy some time away from the world of sports for a few days. Most of the time, we watched looping sports Year-in-Review shows, read sports books given to us on Christmas and watched the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Suffice to say we can't escape the world of sports. Be it Christmas morning (on the west coast at least) or the night before (on the east side) sports surround us even at the times we are supposed to take a rest. Indeed there remains one day each year - the day after the MLB All-Star Game - that abducts sports from North Americans... and we like it that way! On with Ramblings.

I was pulling for Rutgers all year. Nice to see them get the win. Too bad though that they could not have a perfect season, because I would have loved to see them in the BCS.
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