Friday, December 15, 2006

Vernon Wells-Toronto Agree To Terms

Vernon Wells and the Toronto Blue Jays have reportedly agreed to the previously described seven-year, $126 million dollar contract. The contract does have an opt-out clause in it after the fourth year, meaning the Jays are guaranteed to have him for the next five years at the very least.

Wells has been quoted as saying that family comes first and that this deal will allow him to help many generations of his family. The great thing is that Vernon was true to his word and really did want to stay in Toronto.

It is in our opinion that this is the best off-season move the Jays have made. Locking up the face of the franchise with this sort of contact is a sure sign that Ted Rogers and the Blue Jays are serious about winning now and in the future.

The Blue Jays' 2007 payroll is also expected to be announced soon, according to Godfrey.

This deal has not been made official yet. That is expected to be done at a news conference Monday.

The Jays still have their starting pitching to address and since there is not much left on the free agent market, the Blue Jays are said to be looking at the trade route. With the signing of Vernon Wells, we believe that either Alex Rios or Reed Johnson could be shopped around.

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