Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Vote For Rory!!!!

The “Vote for Rory” movement now has some steam after results were just released showing Vancouver defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick is only trailing Anaheim defenseman Scott Neidermayer in voting.

Fitzpatrick has 428,832 votes, trailing only Niedermayer who has 447,502.

Fitzpatrick has not yet recorded a point this season in the 19 games he has suited up for, but he is beating Chris Pronger, and Nik Lidstrom in voting.

You can vote for Rory too by clicking here.

This is a sham and should be overruled by the league. We all realize the system is flawed, but that doesn't mean we should further sabotage it by doing something like this. It isn't fair for anybody.
I think the league should let this go just this once, as it's pretty unbelievable and garnering some extra press which doesn't hurt. Sure, the fans at the All-Star Game won't care for Rory Fitzpatrick but it's fair and square in the rules.

And if anything, it's exposing this flaw. The NHL should amend the rules after this season, perhaps by limiting the players on the write-in ballot.

The NHL All-Star game isn't significant like the MLB one. This is humourous and will leave one Western Conference defenceman out of the loop. But the fans will still see all of the best and their favourites.
What about the guy that gets left out? Not fair.

The league can't limit the write-in ballots because they can't tell who is going to break out. It really could be anyone.
I don't think it's that big of a deal for that #6 Western Conference all-star.

Right now, Dion Phaneuf is #6 in all-star voting. He's not going to be showcasing his huge hits and physical presence at the all-star game anyway.

The league should limit the write-in ballots to players that are having great seasons in the first half.
The ballots, in all leagues, are created too early to tell. Hence why Alex Rios still wasn't on the MLB ballot despite an amazing start to 2006.

Besides, what would be the point in making them "write in" then. If they have started so well and you are aware of them, just put them on the ballot!
True, but perhaps the write-in portion, which I'm assuming has never produced an all-star starter before, can be amendable throughout the voting process, perhaps to narrow it down a bit.

I used to vote for Aki Berg all the time. I'm sure the handful of dumb write-in votes getting discarded won't offend many people.
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